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6 of the Best Tour Companies…and Their Offers and Features to Prove It

At Vacation Trip Guides, tours, excursions, trips, and adventures are what we’re all about. Our years of travel planning and preparation experience means we know where to find the best tour companies around. So, if your vacation plans include touring across the globe, then take a look at our list of 6 of the best and most professional tour companies we can put you in contact with. 

1. Gate 1 Travel

For the past 40 years, Gate 1 Travel has been providing their guests with some of the most amazing, affordable, and awe-inspiring escorted tours on the planet. But what puts them among the best tour companies to travel with is their updates weekly specials. 

Not everyone has the budget to pack up and pursue their adventure dreams each year. Fortunately, Gate 1 Travels offers weekly specials that allow you to see more of the world, for less. 

2. Backroads Active Adventure Travel

Where some people wish to sightsee and simply relax when touring and traveling, others are more interested in action-packed adventure. Backroads is a professional tour company that makes active travel their mission. 

With their ‘under your own power, at your own pace’ philosophy, Backroads is all about the walking, hiking, and biking multi-adventure tour experience.

3. Tour Sales

Much like Gate 1 Travels, Tour Sales is devoted to delivering on tour deals. They have 4 options of tours to choose from, each with their own theme and experience.

✓ Exclusive Tours offers a smaller and more personalized touring experience

✓ Scenic Tours involves getting up-close and personal with some of the most incredible environments

✓ Cultural Tours allows you to delve deep into the local culture

✓ Active Tours is about tour experiences that get your heart pumping

4. Abercrombie & Kent

Don’t let the name fool you; you won’t be touring the world looking at topless men in their underwear. Instead, what makes Abercrombie & Kent one of the best tour companies is that they are pioneers of luxury travel. 

To provide the luxury tour experience, A&K offers limited-space small group journeys for a maximum of 24 guests. If you want to experience Africa, Spain, Portugal, and more in style, then Abercrombie & Kent are the professional tour company for you. 

5. Tenon Tours

Tenon Tours allow you to take Europe by storm. Their location connections comprise some of the finest destinations in Europe, led by a team of passionate travel professionals. Because trends in Europe change quicker than the seasons, Tenon Tours guarantees a tailored-to-you tourexperience. 

“Truly customized. Truly personal. Profoundly Unforgettable.”

6. Cosmos

As much as we wish this tour company offered trips to space, the tour services they do offer are still out of this world. Travel to Germany, Ireland, Scandinavia, Italy, France, Holland, or all of the above, in the care of local tour guides who are sure to give you something to write home about. 

If any of these professional tour companies made that travel bug bite, then get in touch with

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