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Why a River Cruise Vacation is the Best Way to Rest and Relax

Vacation time is finally here, and you and your loved ones are trying to decide where to go and what to do for the holidays. You’ve considered an island getaway, backpacking through Europe or Africa, and perhaps even surfboarding some snowy mountains. But none of these options give you the perfect blend of downtime mixed with adventure.

If You’re Looking For The Best Of All Worlds…

…Why Not Book A River Cruise Through Vacation Trip Guides?
When most people think of a river cruise, their minds immediately go to crocodile infested, murky waters, and mosquitos who want to make a meal out of you. But the reality is that a river cruise has far more to offer than what meets the eye.

Dreamlike Destinations

When you book a river cruise, you’re signing up for a unique vacation experience – even compared to an ocean liner holiday. That’s because river cruises give vacationers access to destinations other vessels simply can’t reach.

A river cruise vacation allows you to stop off at ports and quaint villages that immerse you in untainted foreign culture. Because these locations aren’t easy to access, they’re rich and unique in culture, cuisine, experience, and entertainment.

Ample Opportunity for On-Shore Activities

Because you’ll likely be visiting a new destination every day, the possibility of a novel adventure is presented at every port. Most river cruise vacation packages allow you to explore on your own or with a guide – whichever you prefer.

Because the locations and communities you’ll be visiting are small and interconnected, you may even be able to meet up with the boat at the next port after adventuring there on land.

A Stay-on-Board Experience

If you’re not an adventurer at heart and would rather enjoy a vacation filled with sun tanning and cocktail sipping, staying on board is always an option. River cruises are world-renowned for their wining and dining luxuries.

Depending on which river cruise you choose, you may even be treated to location-specific cuisine. This way, you can get a taste for the surrounding culture without having to sacrifice comfort.

Vacation like a VIP

Unlike an ocean liner, river cruise vacations accommodate smaller passenger numbers. This means you won’t be treated like just another paying guest. Rather, you’ll enjoy a tailored-to-you travel experience. In fact, don’t be surprised if the baristas and bartenders have your coffee or cocktail order memorized by the second day.

Book a River Cruise Today Leisure, Luxury & Landscapes Guaranteed

If you want a glamorous getaway without the flashing lights or crowds, then book a river cruise with Vacation Trip Guides today. We’ll handle all planning, preparation, transport, and itineraries, so you can simply come on board, kick your feet up, and cruise down the river in full relaxation.

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