Top 5 Tour Companies in the US

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The Opportunity for Nationwide ExperiencesIn the Palm of Your Hands

Aside from helping our clients plan trips worldwide, Vacation Trip Guides is also committed to internal US tour experiences. Here are 5 of the top tour companies in the US we can connect you with.

1. ClassicJourneys

As one of the best US tour companies, Classic Journeys has been a leader in small group travel experiences since 1987. Their team and partnerships with local guides guarantee you’ll experience the local lifestyle in its most potent form. They also offer flexibility and deviations from their pre- planned schedules. If you happen to come across a festival or be invited into a local’s home for dinner, Classic Journeys will ensure you’re kept safe and stimulated throughout the experience.

2. Prior

The thing about Prior is that it comes with all the perks. Prior is one of the best US tour companies for the simple fact that their itineraries are created and curated by a team of experts. This means that your culinary experiences, historical and architectural expeditions, and fashion or other cultural

information and entertainment will be of the highest quality achievable. Although you need to pay a membership fee to book with Prior, this allows you to create fully customizable private trips, or enjoy a travel experience with other Prior members.

3. GAdventures

For solo travelers who want the surety that they’ll be kept safe without limiting their experience, G Adventures is one of the best US tour companies to consider. G Adventures is as wholesome as it comes when choosing a tour company in the US. Not only are they committed to helping combat climate change by ensuring all their travel practices are responsible and sustainable, but they also give back to non-profits, charities, and other community outreach initiatives.

4. IntrepidTravel

We all want to travel the world, but not everyone has the means or budget to do so. What makes Intrepid Travel one of the best US tour companies is their budget-friendly adventures. Another bonus Intrepid Travel has to offer is the fact that their itineraries are categorized according to travel style. So, whether you’re looking to rest and relax or get active and go exploring, they have the best of both worlds to offer.

5. Salt&WindTravel

Finally, let’s not forget about food. While many people are more concerned with sightseeing and meeting the locals, others travel to be whisked away by the food. Salt & Wind Travel is one of the only tour companies in the US that makes food, drink, and all manner of cuisine their travel compass. Enjoy small and intimate private dining experiences, or all-you-can-eat banquets and buffets. If you have a hunger for travel and food, then this boutique tour company was made for you.

Looking for a tour company in the US to accommodate your travel hopes and dreams? Contact Vacation Trip Guides today, and we’ll put you in touch.

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