Vacation Plans Include a Villa?

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Here Are 2 Villa Rental Specialists You Should Consider Contacting

In the past, booking a five star hotel was the ultimate vacation option. But as travel trends change, and as more people find value in privacy and independence, your vacation isn’t truly a vacation if it doesn’t include a villa.

Renting a Private Villa
It’s not about where you go. It’s about who you know.

If you’re considering renting a private villa, then you need a villa rental specialists who can help make your holiday hopes and dreams come true. Having a villa rental specialist in your back pocket ensures your vacation lives up to your plans and standards.

Whether you’re looking for rest and relaxation, or daily activities and nightlife action, here are 2 villa rental specialists who can accommodate your every need.

1. Exceptional Villas

It’s All in the Name

What makes Exceptional Villas one of the best villa rental specialists in the world is their client consideration and concierge experience. If you want to book a private villa, Exceptional Villas gives you the certainty that your accommodation is of the highest possible quality.

Each of their available villas has been personally visited and vetted by a member of their staff. Only if the villas live up to their world-class living and luxury standards, will Exceptional Villas recommend their locations and properties to guests.

Exceptional Villas has over 25 years of villa vacationing experience, offering a VIP service from the moment you enquire to the moment you return home.

They’ll help you book a private villa for just you and your partner, a large group, or an entire wedding party – friends and family included. Your concierge experience will comprise airport assistance for arrival and departure, transfers, drivers and car rentals, restaurant reservations, excursion planning, private chefs, babysitting, and more.

Exceptional Villas also has travel insurance options to guarantee you’re covered for trip cancellation, delay costs, lost or delayed baggage, and emergency medical to name a few.

2. Top Villas

4000 Luxury Villas in Over 50 of the Finest Vacation Destinations

Located in Orlando, Florida, Top Villas can help you book a private villa in Orlando, Miami, the Caribbean, Asia, and beyond. Their easy-to-use website allows you to find the right villa in a flash.

Villa options can be customized to cater to your party or peaceful holiday desires. This includes exceptional accommodation, private swimming pools, secluded sun decks, hot tubs, gymnasiums, movie rooms, and more. Be as close to or far away from the local action as you desire.

Much like Exceptional Villas, Top Villas also offers added extras such as car hire, attraction ticket booking, spa treatments, personal chefs, and much more. Simply say what you want your experience to include, and Top Villas will make it happen.

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